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Bonus Slot Machines

If you are one of those people who enjoy playing slot machines when gambling at casinos, you are well aware that there are numerous types of slots to play.  There are 3 reel slot machines, 5 reel, various themes and plenty of denominations to suit your budget.  You can choose from penny slots all the way up to dollar slots.  You can choose to bid the minimum number of coins or the maximum, depending on your preference.  However, bonus slots are a really fun alternative for slot machine players.

What sets bonus slots apart from the other types of slots is the bonus feature.  This can come in many forms but a few of the more common ones are extra spins, a side game for extra points, wild cards or the ability to hold a reel in position for a length of time.  This allows for an extra sense of fun and excitement to the game and also gives you some more options for winning than the typical matching that happens with other slot machines.  Some bonus slots even have a symbol that when hit spins the reels continually until you win.  A guaranteed win is fun and great incentive to play bonus slots.

Bonus slots are available in both casinos and for online play at gaming sites.  They are one of the more popular casino games available because there is an added sense of getting more for your money.  Bonus slots are more interactive and a lot of fun.